OVERDRIVE LED Lamps sold in India are warrants all its LED Lamp products to be free from any manufacturing defects, including material or workmanship for the period of two years from date of manufacturing. Six month grace period is allowed for the customer so that clear 2 years warranty is passed on to end user.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS The warranty is applicable from the month and year printed on the lamps. The warranty is void in case any product is not used for the purpose for which it was manufactured. It would also be void if not operated in accordance with:

RETURN OF PRODUCTS If the product fails to operate due to defects in materials or workmanship, please return the product to Overdrive Electronics Pvt. Ltd. C-121, Hosiery Complex, Phase 2 Extension, Noida 201305 (U.P.) . After an RMA/CCR number is obtained within 7 days of the receipt of the defective by QC. QC would check the lamps for defects and warranty validity within 30 days of the receipt of defectives and commercial settlement would be made. Overdrive QC decision would be final.

LIMITS OF LIABILITY All the responsibilities regarding the product are set forth by this warranty. The only remedy would be replacement with same model or equivalent model or credit or repair at OVERDRIVE's option. In most normal situation Overdrive would credit the Ex Factory cost (updated one as applicable on date of receipt of defective) for the defective lamps, which are qualified by QC under warranty. No taxes would be refunded to the buyer.

OVERDRIVE shall in no event be liable for the damage in excess of the purchase price of the lamp, for any loss of use, loss of time or any other form of direct/indirect loss or consequential damage arising out of use or inability to use such product, to the full extent such may be claimed by the law. OVERDRIVE reserves the right to examine all failed lamp or related equipment’s and reserves the right to decide the validity of the warranty claim.