About Us

Overdrive is promoted by technocrats with over 25 years' of experience, dedicated to research and development, manufacturing, marketing of Energy Efficient Lighting products.Overdrive has passion to provide not only affordable but high performance innovative and reliable LED based lighting replacement solutions. Overdrive is focused to provide retrofit replacement LED light bulbs providing energy efficient replacements for short lived, inefficient light bulbs. All four key critical design components i.e. reliable LED, thermal management, electronics and optics are been optimized to provide customers with saving in electricity costs & maintenance costs. Overdrive is the first Indian Company to have UL Listed & FCC, Energy Star approvals of LED based Retrofit Light bulbs. It also elaborate plans to add many Energy Star approved products in near future. Most of the products manufactured & sold by Overdrive uses advance & high quality LM80 certified LED.


It operates out of its fully integrated manufacturing facility in India & equipped with in house R&D and testing facility. It has one of the best test set up and has following set of equipment’s which supports the development and manufacturing of high quality LED lighting products:


  • Spectrophotometer for Photometry Measurement Equipment for checking lumen, efficiency, CRI, X/Y co-ordinates, R9 Value.
  • Goniophotometer to test the lumen distribution for lamps up to 6’ dia.
  • EMC & FCC compliance Test set up
  • LED Luminosity testing equipment
  • Advance Oscilloscope and Digital Power Meters
  • High Accuracy Digital Ac & DC Power Supplies
  • High Frequency Measurement system
  • Digital Cap Strength &Torque test set up.
  • 16 channel Computerized Thermal Measurement System
  • High Temperature Testing Chamber for reliability testing
  • Computerized On/Off plus variable Voltages Test system.
  • Various type Dimmer Bench set up for reliability testing on Dimming


Overdrive also work closely with his associate partner in China energy saving lighting products with commitment to Outperform & Outlast your expectations. OVERDRIVE brand is registered trade mark of Overdrive Electronics Pvt. Ltd. OVERDRIVE takes immense pleasure in introducing many new, innovative & featured Energy Saving lighting products such as:


  • 4.5W LED MR16 which as set up new industry standard of 70 Lm/Watt.
  • 8W LED -PAR20, 13W, PAR30, 20W PAR38 Dimmable LED Reflector lamps which can replace up to 35W, 50W and 90W Halogen PAR lamps respectively.
  • 3.5W Dimmable Candle Bulb with Omnidirectional Sparkling lights giving 180 lumen and replaces up to 25W Candle Light bulb.
  • 5W/8W Dimmable LED A19 Bulb. 8W/3000K model is Energy Star Approved.
  • 11W R30 Dimmable Reflector Lamp.
  • Many more to come


OVERDRIVE is focused to offer True Value for Money products to its end users. It not only brings long life, high performance lighting products but products which are more environmentally friendly. Overdrive not only provides excellent customer service but also offers to its customers:


  • Environmental friendly packaging
  • Manufacturer Direct Pricing
  • Range of UL, FCC and Energy Star Qualified Products
  • Innovative New Products that would sell for 2012 & beyond


OVERDRIVE also welcomes OLM & Private label customers for the complete range of products. We would always travel that extra mile to be able to meet all your expectations. With its own design department, OVERDRIVE can offer complete solutions from packing design to products at the most reasonable cost.

Watch out for a most comprehensive and complete range of high performance Retrofit LED based product line from Overdrive in 2012 and beyond.

Facility View 
 Assembly Line
 MR16 LED Lamp Aging
Photometry Equipment 
 LED Luminous meter
Digital/Thermal Power Meter
 Reliability Testing